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Achieving Goals Through Personalized Support: Geoff Stewart’s Journey to Becoming a Published Author with 4lifeskills

Geoff Stewart, a talented speaker and aspiring author, has always had a passion for writing. Around 2022-2023, Geoff decided to write a book about his life growing up with a disability. His experiences, especially during his teenage years, included being bullied 

and struggling to understand his disability. Geoff’s goal is to inspire others through his book by sharing his story of resilience and perseverance.

In 2023, Geoff met his 4lifeskills support worker, Maria, who has been consistently supporting him in his book-writing journey. Maria’s assistance has been instrumental in guiding Geoff through the various stages of writing, from conceptualization to structuring his memoir, with the ultimate goal of gaining employment as a writer. Throughout this process, Geoff’s mum has also been an amazing supporter, providing invaluable encouragement and insights into his experiences.

Maria and Geoff’s collaborative efforts began with identifying Geoff’s genre and target audience, ensuring his writing would resonate with readers. They developed a comprehensive plan to organize Geoff’s thoughts and structure his content effectively. This included defining chapters, sections, and key points, while also allowing room for creativity and improvisation.

Research played a crucial role in Geoff’s writing process. Maria emphasized the importance of accurate and up-to-date information, encouraging Geoff to take detailed notes and conduct interviews to enrich his narrative. This meticulous approach ensures that Geoff’s memoir will be both captivating and authentic.

Recognizing the importance of technology in the writing process, Maria recommended transitioning all drafts to a Word document or an office format on a laptop. This allows for easier corrections and revisions, streamlining the editing process. She also suggested incorporating visual elements, such as photographs from Geoff’s early years, to create a more interactive and relatable book for readers.

Maria has also helped Geoff understand the importance of regular writing habits, setting weekly writing goals to maintain discipline and progress. By managing word counts and working on different sections of the book each week, Geoff can stay focused and motivated.

In addition to her support, Maria also facilitated a significant connection for Geoff. Upon learning about his need for a publisher, 4lifeskills’ marketing manager Andie stepped in and introduced Geoff to Shoma Mittra, a well-respected publisher. Recently, Geoff and Shoma met to discuss the steps required to get his book published, marking an exciting milestone in his journey. During their meeting, Shoma demonstrated how to use speech-to-text software on Geoff’s iPad. This technology will enable Geoff to convert his speech into written words, significantly speeding up the writing process and allowing him to share his drafts more efficiently.

Maria’s support extends beyond writing guidance. She has encouraged Geoff to explore automatic writing, a technique that enhances creativity by shifting focus to the unconscious mind. This method has proven effective in relieving tension and improving self-awareness, further aiding Geoff in his writing endeavors.

At 4lifeskills, we are committed to supporting young people and adults living with disabilities to achieve their goals and live their best lives. We provide highly personalized life skills support under our four domains of Work, Home, Health, and Fun. Our specially trained support workers listen, take the time to understand what matters to you, and work together with you to put your plan in place. You’re in control – you choose your goals, and you set the pace.

Watch this space to see how Geoff is progressing in his journey to becoming a published author and towards gaining employment as a writer. Whatever goals you have, we will find a way to help you achieve them.

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