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Taelah’s Volunteering Journey

An amazing story of self-discovery and personal growth.

Taelah was looking for ways to get involved with her community and make a positive difference when she stumbled upon a local school. She decided that this would be her perfect opportunity to engage in meaningful volunteer work and start building a brighter future for herself.

Pictures of a girl named Taelah, is smiling while volunteering at a school library, sorting library materials out and binding books.

A girl named Taelah, is sitting down in front of a table, smiling while holding a cup of coffee.
Taelah, enjoying a cup of coffee to kickstart her morning.

For the past several months, Taelah, a remarkable young individual, has embarked on a journey of personal growth and empowerment through volunteering at a local school’s library. It all began on a bright Wednesday morning in April 2023, when Taelah joined forces with Melissa and Rachel to start her volunteer work. The school kindly requested her to arrive at 8:45 am, a time that allowed her to prepare for the day ahead and even indulge in a small coffee if she so desired.

Taelah’s days at the library were filled with tasks that challenged her and helped her acquire new skills. She spent her Wednesdays in the library and Fridays exploring various areas within the school. The staff at the school were not just welcoming; they radiated inclusivity, ensuring that Taelah felt right at home. To kickstart her day, she would pass through the front office, sign in, and receive a warm tour of her workplace.

Taelah’s journey was not without its hurdles. Some mornings, she needed an extra nudge to leave her house, but once she arrived at school, her reluctance vanished. The support worker at her shared home understood her needs, providing the necessary encouragement. Slowly but surely, Taelah was making progress.

A remarkable aspect of her journey was also her determination to learn how to navigate the Transperth app, a valuable skill that would empower her to use public transport. With assistance, she was making great strides.

A girl named Taelah, is sitting by the table and blowing the candles on a birthday cake.
Taleah is happily blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

One unforgettable day, the school’s teachers and principal surprised Taelah with a cake and a heartwarming rendition of “Happy Birthday.” The joy on her face was immeasurable, a testament to the bonds she had formed during her time at the school.

Taelah’s role in the library included various tasks, from sorting and shelving books to tackling the intricacies of spiral binding. The librarian, patient and kind, took her time to teach Taelah, boosting her confidence and skill set. Taelah’s contribution to the library didn’t stop there; she was instrumental in the school’s decision to upgrade the library, which meant deleting thousands of old resources.

While Taelah was efficiently sorting students’ projects into portfolios, the principal recognised her unwavering dedication and eagerly invited her to continue volunteering in the next term.

But perhaps one of the most remarkable moments in Taelah’s journey was her role as the official school sports day photographer. She captured moments of triumph and joy, receiving praise and appreciation from students, parents, and staff alike. Taelah even secured the prestigious title of “1st place Photographer.”

A girl named Taelah is stamping on new library books as part of her volunteering.
Taelah is stamping the new library books before organising them.

Of course, no journey is without its challenges, and Taelah faced one such hurdle when it came to her phone. Initially, she struggled to put it away during work hours, but with patience and understanding, she learned to respect the school’s rules. Her dad temporarily took her phone to provide a necessary break, and Taelah, sincere and apologetic, accepted the consequences of her actions.

As the months rolled on, Taelah continued to grow, learn, and shine in her role at the school. Taelah’s journey has been an incredible one, from leading school events to serving as a model of good behaviour. She is setting the example for everyone around her and showing us what it means to have determination and discipline. We at 4lifeskills are proud of Taelah for striving towards excellence in all she does! Good job Taelah!

A girl named Taelah is sitting down on a seat in a library, surrounded by bookshelves.
Taelah, taking a break after a long day of organising library books.

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