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Mandurah Self-Care Retreat STA

Finding your inner strength and radiate independence!

Curious about what it’s like to embark on a short term accommodation (STA) trip with 4lifeskills? Allow me to share the delightful experience of Chantal, Jade, and Kelly. Join them as they indulge in a serene retreat to Mandurah, immersing themselves in the art of self-care and independent living.

Imagine a retreat where empowerment meets independence, and stress-coping skills are mastered. That’s precisely what happened when Chantal, Jade, and Kelly embarked on their inspirational journey to Mandurah, thoughtfully organised by 4lifeskills.

From the outset, this journey was about nurturing independence. Before settling into their accommodation, Chantal, Jade, and Kelly met at a charming cafe. Following their delightful meeting, they proceeded to their accommodation, diligently unpacked, and artfully adorned the beds with fresh linens and blankets. With meticulous preparation, they then embarked on crafting a detailed meal plan for the forthcoming three days. This invaluable skill not only boosts self-reliance but also instills a sense of confidence that spills over into other aspects of life.

Budgeting was another key element woven into their experience. As they planned and purchased ingredients for their meals, they gained essential financial literacy skills, equipping them for more independent living.

Ladies sitting and preparing breakfast by their alfresco.
Jasmine, Chantal, and Kelly, setting up the table with a fruits platter and other treats.

Mastering Stress Coping Skills for Life

A room with 3 yoga mats laid on the floor uniformly.
Yoga mats set up for a morning yoga session.

Beyond the kitchen, the retreat was a sanctuary for stress-coping mastery. The trio delved into yoga and meditation, tools that promote inner calm and emotional resilience. These newfound skills empower them to navigate life’s challenges with grace and poise.

The exploration of essential oils introduced them to natural remedies for stress relief, providing yet another layer of self-care and stress management they can incorporate into their daily routines.

Ladies sitting down preparing to paint bath bombs.
Chantal, Jade, and Kelly preparing to paint their bath bombs.

The Art of Creativity as a Stress-Buster

Chantal, Jade, and Kelly dedicated part of their afternoon to indulging in artistic activities, harnessing the power of creativity as a powerful outlet for stress management and emotional expression. They immerse their hands in the art of crafting, indulging in painting bath bombs and exploring various DIY projects like candle making, clay sculpting, and more.

Indulgent Bliss: Unforgettable Self-Care Routines

We can’t forget about the most essential parts of our Mandurah pamper weekends, and that is self-care! The ladies also made sure to prioritize their skin’s well-being, indulging in luxurious foot baths, soothing heated shoulder pads, rejuvenating facials, beautifully manicured nails, and nourishing their hands and feet. This experience left the ladies with a sense of self-care to incorporate into their daily routines, a precious takeaway that adds a touch of love to their lives.

A picture of 2 girls sitting on bar chairs in a cafe.
Chantal (left), Kelly (right).

Independence Takes Root

Perhaps the most heartening aspect of this journey was witnessing Chantal’s increasing confidence in social situations. Prior to the trip, she was anxious about being around groups of people.

Her initial anxiety gave way to a newfound confidence, a testament to the power of independence-building experiences. She is now excited about joining the Bunbury STA and actively participates in group activities (i.e. Mad Hatter Party within 4lifeskills), demonstrating that nurturing independence is a pathway to self-assuredness.

Chantal expressed her enjoyment multiple times to her support workers, Caroline and Sandra. She even took the initiative to give positive feedback to one of our managers the following day. Additionally, she has mentioned her interest in attending the upcoming STA in Bunbury. It’s truly inspiring to witness her blossoming confidence as she fearlessly takes charge, illuminating the path to a life filled with independence.

Jade with a flower in her hair
Jade gracefully adorns her hair with a captivating flower, elegantly pausing for a photograph.

A Journey of Empowerment and Self-Discovery

Chantal, Jade, and Kelly’s journey was not just a retreat; it was a transformative experience. It celebrated their growing independence, cultivated vital life skills, and equipped them with powerful stress-coping mechanisms. This empowerment journey has set them on a path of self-sufficiency and emotional resilience, ready to face life’s challenges with newfound confidence and grace. We eagerly anticipate their future adventures, where independence and strength will be their guiding stars.

Want to join us for one of our STAs? We’re constantly planning trips throughout the year! Explore our events page (News and Events) for the latest on STAs, Great Escapes, and Community Events. We’d be thrilled to have you there with us!

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