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Hearts, Harmony, and Happy Faces: Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Spearwood Hub

Love was definitely in the air at the 4lifeskills Spearwood hub on the 14th February 2024! With over 20 attendees joining the warm festivities, the day was filled with laughter, fun, and heartfelt connections.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement even before the big day. Everyone pitched in to decorate the activity hub with vibrant red hearts and streamers, their collaborative spirit setting the stage for a joyous celebration. Red paper hearts adorned the walls as they chatted about where to place the decorations, tossing around ideas for the party, preparing for the big day.

In the morning, some participants chose to kick things off with a rejuvenating chair yoga session led by some chair yoga instructors within the community, while others indulged in a delightful pre-party treat: fresh strawberries dipped in creamy milk or decadent white chocolate. The smiles and satisfied sighs confirmed that this was the perfect way to start the day. Josh assisted his pals in reaching for the chocolate, while Tonia made sure everyone had strawberries, ensuring no one missed out.

As the festivities unfolded, everyone was in for a treat. Engaging games like doing the conga, and freezing when the music stops, had everyone moving and giggling. Chantal and Liana were laughing and having a ball doing the conga, joining in onĀ other fun activities like parcel passing and exciting challenges kept the energy high. Friendly competition filled the air, but the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship shone through, with everyone cheering each other on.

After all the fun and games, everyone gathered for a delicious lunch prepared collaboratively by the support workers and some enthusiastic participants. With a choice of lasagna, refreshing salads, and assorted breads, the spread was a delightful mix of deliciousness and inclusivity.

Throughout the day, the joy on everyone’s faces was evident. Marijana, a participant, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “I had a good day and loved the company!” This sentiment was echoed by Josh, a regular attendee, and many others who expressed their desire to participate again.

A big thank you goes to the dedicated Spearwood support staff who tirelessly organised and facilitated this wonderful event. Their commitment to creating a space filled with love, laughter, and inclusivity ensured that Valentine’s Day at the Spearwood hub was a celebration to remember!


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