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Fiona’s Daily Routine

Taming the Tangles and Tidying Up

Join us in celebrating Fiona’s incredible journey of personal growth and the cultivation of healthy habits over the past 3 years! I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sadaf for sharing this inspiring story.

Pictures of a girl named Fiona, showing a before and after transformation of her room after tidying up with her support worker, Sadaf.
Fiona’s proud smile after tidying up her room daily with Sadaf.

Three years ago, Fiona’s daily routine looked quite different. She would often forget to comb her hair, put on cream, or even change her clothes without a gentle reminder. Her journey towards self-care and independence began with these small steps, and it’s the progress she’s made that truly shines.

In the early stages of her journey, even the simplest tasks required guidance and reminders. Fiona relied on gentle prompts to navigate her morning routine, and the dedication and unwavering support from Sadaf and her fellow support workers were instrumental in her progress.

Slowly but steadily, Fiona adapted to a new routine. She began applying lipstick and makeup daily, taking pride in her appearance. The once-daunting task of making her bed, cleaning her room, and doing laundry became part of her daily life. Assistance was required initially, but with each passing day, Fiona grew more independent.

Showering was another milestone in Fiona’s journey. It was a challenging step, one that required the gentle encouragement of her mother. However, through persistence and a loving touch, Fiona now completes her personal hygiene routine with confidence. She changes her clothes, brushes her teeth, and even showers independently, showcasing the remarkable progress she has made.

Hair care was another chapter where Fiona’s journey of self-care unfolded. Though she occasionally needed a nudge to comb her hair, it automatically became a part of her daily routine. Choices were offered, allowing her to put on jewelry and lipstick with pride. Fiona’s support workers also recognised the importance of explaining and providing options when it came to clothing choices, respecting her autonomy and preferences.

Fiona’s story is truly remarkable, showcasing her resilience and the unwavering support she received from her support worker and loved ones. It’s a powerful reminder that even small steps can lead to incredible transformations. With each passing day, Fiona becomes more self-reliant, confident, and radiantly beautiful in her own unique way.

As we celebrate Fiona’s incredible journey of self-care and independence, we invite you to be inspired by her story. Let’s embrace life’s challenges with determination and grace, knowing that with patience and unwavering support, remarkable achievements are within reach. Every step forward is a triumph worth cherishing and celebrating!

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